ATHOR nad Stádem koní

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-> tricolor dog with bi-factor

-> váha-weight 154g, 3, day 162g, 203g, 280g, 350g. 11day 450g, 500g, 560g, 650g, 690g, 740g, 860g, one month 1060g! :-) 5.week 1170g, 6.week (Monday) 1320g, 7.week (Tuesday) 1580g, 8.week (Friday) 1890g, now in age two months 2 kg :-) in 9 weeks 21cm and 2.4 kg 

as adult-> natural ears, standard body and head, both testicles, full dentition, high 36 cm, weight 7.8kg

ATHOR na Stádem koní

CEA +/- and MDR1 +/+
tricolor male with bi-factor
born 18.7. as first, looks now quizzical and fearless
correct ears, legs, full dentition, small head, looks very promisioning to shows and also to sports due to his temperament-> herding and obedience
both parents are excellent on shows and great in sports
Athor will go to Austria/Tirol  with house and garden and he will have "older brother" -> 8month old sheltie boy :-)

new owner is Marlene Waldhart