Odchovy / Litters

Tato chovatelská stanice se zaměřuje především na zdravé, aktivní a exteriérově výborné sheltie, které budou dále vhodné jak na výstavy, tak především do jakéhokoliv sportu :-)

This breeding station focuses mostly on healthy, active, standard shelties, which will be available for show but mostly on every sport you can imagine  :-)

Puppies are taking care best way and they are tought how to be in flat and also with garden in the house. we take every puppy individualy based on his needs and character because we are small breeding station and we want only the best every way.  Pupies are vaccinated by vet model (you can see in in litter A) and socialized with people and also all kind of animals - dogs, cats, horses, pigs, hen, sheeps and cows :-) we take them also by car and tram etc. We also take them to obedience group not to be shy and teach how to play with other dogs but also to be obedient and know how to come, sit, lay down and basic walk at the foot :) Puppies wil have full pedigree, export pedigree if you will have to take the puppy out of CZE, exams of CEA/PRA/KAT and also CEA+MDR1 test from Slovgen, they will receive a lot of toys and things for new owner to beggining and collar and leash is surety :)

2013 -> VRH A - krytí psem z Rakouska: Mating with dog from Austria -  Ch. Jey Jey of Sheltie-Castle -> https://www.jackundpearl.com/english/jack/

2016 -> Litter B - krytí psem původem části z Belgie, Aresem z Faustovy zahrádky->  VRH B